Shrinker Socks

20-15-35 Shrinker

20-15-35 Shrinker (Small)

32-15-35 Shrinker

32-15-35 Shrinker (Medium)

40-15-35 Shrinker

40-15-35 Shrinker (Large)

Shrinker sock features:

Very soft Coolmax ® terry inside and comfortable to wear , these shrinker socks are designed to conform to irregular shapes easily. They should not be worn inside a socket as this will shorten their life.
Compression: 15 – 20 mmHg at distal end measured in vitro using Kikuhime electronic device. Pressure is graduated to 8 – 10 mmHg. Proximally. This distal pressure range was suggested by testing done at LaTrobe University, P&O dept. 2007.
Distal end : compression is accurate to 15mm from distal end. The seam is sewn flat. Distal end is designed to facilitate wrinkle free fit.. This pouch has low compression so that sock will not tend to work down with use. Other type of end is available.
Proximal end is knitted quite loosely but with graduated elastane tension to help keep socks from slipping down. Outer layer of sock is made from mercerized cotton and nylon to enable moisture absorbency and enhance durability.
Washing instruction: short warm machine wash on medium cycle (or hand wash ). Do not iron as this will shorten life of elastane material which provides compression. To maintain compression it is advisable to wash socks after each wear or tumble drying will recover the compression but without washing they may not smell very nice!

Coolmax is a trademark of Invicta Corp. and is used under licence.

Code on Size Length Circumference
Sock Short Medium Long Distal Proximal
20-15-30 Small 30cm 18-24cm 30-40cm
20-15-35 35cm 18-24cm 30-40cm
20-15-40 40cm 18-24cm 30-40cm
32-15-30 Medium 30cm 23-39cm 36-42cm
32-15-35 35cm 23-39cm 36-42cm
32-15-40 40cm 23-39cm 36-42cm
40-15-30 Large 30cm 32-43cm 40-48cm
40-15-35 35cm 32-43cm 40-48cm
40-15-40 40cm 32-43cm 40-48cm

Distal end pressure profiles. (circumference measured in cm., pressure in mmHg.)

Distal Circum (cm) 18 20 22 24 26 28 32 36 37 39 43 47
Pressure profiles
Small size pressure 16 18 20 21 21
Medium size press. 14 15 16 19
Large size pressure 14 16 17 19 21 24

Tests conducted using open ended socks on intact leg.
Measurement using Kikuhime pressure monitor located on rear of leg.