Law Comfort

Law Comfort is a company founded in 2000 to take over the manufacture of limb socks from Humphrey Law & Co., who had been producing them since 1970. Our socks are designed for amputees and for use with orthotics.

Richard Law, the director, is a mechanical engineer who has spent over 50 years making high quality socks. Rather than produce what others have in the past, Law Comfort has consulted the Prosthetics industry, determined problems, and worked to overcome them. They have undertaken various Research and Development projects during the last 15 years to validate their results.
In particular:

  • Shrinker socks in conjunction with Latrobe University.
  • A sock to relieve pressure on the crest of the tibia, multilayer socks to transport moisture away from the skin.
  • Partial foot socks designed to help prevent skin problems.
  • Compression stockings with a high percentage of natural fibre.
Stump Sock

3.3mm thick Law Comfort cotton stump sock

As an amputee or clinician you may be assured that Richard and his technical people will do their best to provide the best limb socks to enable you to achieve your full potential. We care about our products and about your needs.

Our limb socks make extensive use of natural and technical fibres produced using the most flexible knitting machines, including a specially built electronically programmable machine for larger sizes.

Stump Sock

Beige 1.1mm thick Law Comfort stump sock

We make:

  • Regular limb socks (stump socks ) in thickness 0.7 – 3.3mm using cotton , Coolmax®, nylon, wool/Coolmax®, and silver.
  • Shrinker socks below knee.
  • Orthotic Socks in a variety of colours and sizes.
  • Compression stockings 15-20mmHg.
  • Pin Hole socks.
Pin Hole Sock

Law Comfort Pin Hole sock being put on over a liner