Limb Socks Style 28 & S28 Silver

28M20 – Limb Sock 28
28M12 – Limb Sock 28
S28M12 – Limb Sock S28

Style 28: Made with Coolmax ® terry inside and mercerised cotton outside, these socks are designed to carry moisture away to the outer cotton layer away from the skin.

Style  S28 have silver coated nylon spun in the Coolmax®, this may have application where skin hygiene is a problem. Coolmax® is very soft against the skin and gives a high degree of comfort including those who have frail skin. The leg is combined with elastane/nylon to improve abrasion resistance. The end seam is linked to avoid a raised seam causing abrasion.

Nominal thickness is 3.3 mm (equivalent to 5 ply).

Style code (last 2 numbers are length in inches) Top circumference (cm) Distal circumference (cm)
28M10 (formerly 28M12) 38 30
28M16, s28M16 46 30
28M20, 28M24 44 34
28W12, 28W16, 28W20 60 32
28X16 Note 1* 48 42
28P16 40 30
28N16,28N20 32 30
28WW12, 28WW16,28WW22 70 32
28UU12,28UU16 80 40
28Y24 60 30

Note 1. Style 28X16 is not designed for regular wear, see Style
explanation sheet.
Note 2. Top circumference is the approximate maximum girth
That the sock will fit.
Note 3. Distal end circumference is the approximate girth that the
sock will fit measured 75mm. above the end of the sock.
Thickness approx. 3.3 mm = 5 ply