Limb Socks Styles 2C, 81, 30, 31, 32 & 35

20M16BlK (Now replaced by 21M16Blk)

Styles 30WS, 31WS: Very tapered socks made from fine Coolmax, Coolmax outside with Coolmax lining. Very Stretchy socks suitable for conical stumps and unusual shapes.

Style 35: Nylon sheath designed to be very hard wearing. Thickness 0.7mm, similar in appearance to 27M16 but very hard wearing.

Style 21M16Blk: Black dyed Coolmax Terry with nylon outside.

Style 81W18: Hard wearing shrink resist outside with soft Coolmax terry inside.

Style 2AM & 2AUU: Grande Coolmax inside with mercerised cotton outside, non terry sock 3 ply. style 2AM has fawn coloured top band, 2AUU has no top band.

Style code (last 2 numbers are length in inches) Top circumference (cm) Distal circumference (cm) Thickness (mm)
30WS10, 31WS10 64 24 0.8, 1.3
35B12, 35B16 45 35 0.7
81W18 (1) 60 42 3.3
21M16Blk 42 22 3.3
2AM16, 2AM20 34 28 2.2
2AUU12,16 Grande 80 35 2.2

Note 1. Styles 81W18 & 20M16 are made fully shrink resist treated wool
and like our other styles may be machined washed.
Note 2. Top circumference is the approximate maximum girth
That the sock will fit.
Note 3. Distal end circumference is the approximate girth that the
sock will fit measured 75mm. above the end of the sock.
Thickness approx. 3.3 mm = 5 ply