Orthotic Tubes and Socks

Orthotic TCN22
Orthotic TCN22
Orthotic 26L28
Orthotic 26L28 – Beige
Orthotic TCM30
Orthotic TCM30
Orthotic 27L28 with T7L28 overlapped
Orthotic 27L28 with T7L28 overlapped
Orthotic T3W24
Orthotic T3W24
Orthotic 26L39blk
Orthotic 26L39 – Black
STYLE DESCRIPTION Length Max. Thickness Prox.circum.
COOLMAX – fine
T7L28 Coolmax Tube 70cm 1.1mm 50cm
T7W28 Coolmax Tube wide 70cm 1.1mm 60cm
27L28 Coolmax Sock 70cm 1.1mm 50cm
MERCERISED COTTON with Nylon and Elastane
26L28 Merc. Cotton Sock 70cm 1.3mm 50cm
26L39 Merc. Cotton Sock 100cm 1.3mm 50cm
COOLMAX inside – Cotton outside non terry Tapered Arm/Leg Sleeve
T3W24 Coolmax/Cotton Outer green Band Wide 60cm 1.4mm 60cm
COOLMAX TERRY – Coolmax 95% Sleeve
TCN 22 Cushion Coolmax Pale Blue Band 55cm 3.3mm 32cm
TCM30 Cushion Coolmax Dk. Green Band 75cm 3.0mm 50cm
TCW36 Cushion Coolmax Wide Dk. Blue band 90cm 3.8mm 60cm

Moisture transporting (wicking) antifriction tubes with wrinkle free, cushioned fit.
Made in Australia from Coolmax ® and in some styles mercerized cotton.
They are mostly available in 2 diameters and with different constructions for different end uses.

COOLMAX – fine – may be suitable under braces etc. No terry loops, fine smooth wrinkle free fit.

MERCERISED COTTON with Nylon and Elastane
A very absorbent sock in Beige or Black. Minimum order quantity applies to black. Very long sock (1metre),
is often used with post polio syndrome braces.

COOLMAX with Cotton outside. Made from Coolmax®, a channeled synthetic fibre with very good moisture transport properties. They have a Mercerised cotton outer layer to absorb moisture away from the skin.
May be suitable to prevent chaffing of very delicate skin style T3W24.

COOLMAX TERRY – Coolmax 95% Very soft stretchy fabric may be suitable under casts. Coolmax will wick moisture away from the skin but note however it cannot absorb moisture, but helps keep the skin dry when there is somewhere for the moisture to go. It is also extremely soft on the skin styles TCN22, TCM30, TCW36.

Coolmax® is a registered trademark of Invista Corp. and is used under licence.