Pin Hole Socks



Pin Hole socks: Made with constant thickness distal end (0.9mm) enabling several socks to be worn without a large increase in height . Each style has a different coloured band indicating thickness of leg. The knitted hole will not fray with normal wear.

Seal in Liner Socks: The Socks have 2.4mm liner cuff to tuck under seal collar. The proximal end is fused to prevent fraying.

Style code, last 2 numbers are length in inches. Sock colour Band colour Sock thickness Distal circum. Cm. Proximal circum. Cm. Fibre
Pin Hole socks
H6L13,20 Beige Beige 1.2mm 25-36 22-46 nylon/cotton
H6L13Blk Black Black 1.2mm 25-36 22-46 nylon/cotton
H9L14Blk Black Black 3.3mm 22-33 24-52 Cotton/nylon
H5L13 White Grey 0.8mm 25-36 22-46 Nylon
H7L13 White Blue 1.1mm 25-36 22-46 Poly/nylon
H7W16 White Blue 1.1mm 32-55 35-55 Poly/nylon
HAL14 White Beige 2.2mm 25-36 26-46 Cotton/Poly
H8L14 White Green 3.3mm 25-36 26-46 Poly/Cotton
H8W16 White Green 3.3mm 32-55 35-55 Poly/Cotton
Seal in Liner cover socks note 1.
T9UU12,16 Black Black 3.3mm 26-36 22-46 Cotton/Nylon
TAUU12,16 Black Black 2mm 26-36 22-46 Cotton/cotton

Note 1. distal cuff thickness 2.4mm
Thickness approx. 3.3 mm = 5 ply