Silver Inside Liner socks (sLT)

These socks are designed to be very stretchy and very thin, to be used inside a liner if necessary to give a measure of perspiration control, the leg circumference range of each is 21cm to 40cm circumference. They are made from very fine COOLMAX® EcoMade yarn spun with Ionic+® Metalized Silver. Stretched thickness is 0.5mm. The two legs in the photo illustrate the width stretch range.
Sizes available:
sLT05 length 12cm
sLT08 length 20cm
sLT10 length 25cm
sLT12 length 30cm

The figure shows sLT10 on 40 cm leg circumference (white) and sLT05 on 21cm leg circumference (red).

Note: Each of these socks have the same proximal stretch range of 21 – 40cm circumference, although, naturally, as the circumference of the leg increases the length of the sock decreases.

COOLMAX® is a trademark of The Lycra Company.

Ionic+® is a trademark of Noble Fiber Technologies, LLC.